April 11, 2010

TGIF with Jamie

Another Friday night with Jamie. This curry recipe was kind of ridiculous! Amy and David came over last minute so I threw together some Indian dishes that were way easier than leaving the house for takeout. I almost didn't have them because I had already planned on crab curry and David (though he tries to deny it) is crazy allergic to crab! Luckily I hadn't stirred the crab into the curry yet and portioned out David's separately. Though I wanted more Alice in the episode, my crush on Jamie prevails!

The Menu

Potato and Pea Cakes with cucumber and yogurt raiti
Lentils and Garbonzo Beans in spicy tomato sauce
Jamie's South Indian Curry with crab (pork for David)
Couscous with pine nuts
Garlic Chive Toasts

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