April 7, 2010

Sunday Supper

I'm not one to mess with tradition but growing up our Easter menu was less strict than other holidays. The only musts were deviled eggs and lamb. Since we had a smaller Easter gathering this year, I wanted to have a cozy menu to match. My solution: lamb meatloaf and fresh spring vegetables. It was the right call as dinner was delayed to watch the opening game...Go Red Sox!

The Menu

Easter radishes with butter and salt
Green crudites, garlic cheese curd and minted yogurt dip
Deviled quail eggs

Mario Batali's Lamb Meatloaf
Shaved asparagus salad with creamy parmesan dressing
Roasted purple, orange and yellow carrots with parsley
Roasted garlic parsnip puree

Lemon trifle with limoncello soaked pound cake, lemon cured, whipped cream and fresh strawberries

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