April 3, 2010

I have a crush on Jamie...

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is amazing television. I mean, Alice just may be the best tv villain of all time. I'm inspired to make a Jamie dinner each week for Friday's viewing. If you haven't watched, you can catch up on all episodes at abc.com and read more on Jamie's website. (and get simple and tasty recipes) Last night I swapped English peas for the asparagus in Jamie's risotto recipe and used meyor lemons. All was delicious.

The Menu

Spicy mixed greens with cucumber, shallots, and a mustard vinaigrette
Jamie's Fish Cakes with a touch of dill
Jamie's pea, mint and lemon risotto
Lemon Souffles with blueberry compote
Greg's Minty Vodka Cocktails
Cakebread Chardonay

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