April 10, 2012


I'm not Jewish. But, I have been dying to celebrate Jewish holidays for years. Specifically, I've been dying to cook food in theme with Jewish holidays. This year I got my big break: a Passover Seder. As a novice, I wanted to honor tradition (chopped liver) and still add my own twists (e.g. artic char gravlax instead of gefilte fish). Luckily, it wasn't my first time making matzo balls; this recipe for mini chive & leek matzo balls is a must try. Forming the balls with a teaspoon, plus a splash of ginger ale, makes for tiny, tender bites. I'm really not sure why this meal of unleavened bread gets such a bad rap. Flourless chocolate cake & meyer lemon olive oil cake, made with almond flour, are delicious desserts fit for any holiday. This year I spent my Easter weekend learning to make Charoset, and I found it inspiring. Passover is so rich with tradition and experiencing the preparation of the meal made me appreciate it all the more. Since I value my own food traditions so much, I want to continue to learn, and be inspired by, other cultures' culinary rituals. I love hearing about others' traditions so please share holiday & celebration ideas. A comment from a fellow blogger has already encouraged me to throw a Kentucky derby party, so please throw party ideas my way!!
The Menu


chicken liver pate & cornichons on matzo cracker

minted pea spread & radish on matzo cracker

deviled eggs with chives


artic char gravlax, cucumber dill relish & beet horseradish


mini chive & leek matzo ball soup with dill


braised beef short ribs, smashed fingerling potatoes & lemon roasted asparagus with horseradish crema


flourless chocolate ganache cake

meyer lemon olive oil cake with almond flour

coconut macarons with rhubarb compote & strawberries



Mmmmm, I love me a seder and yours looks delicious.

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thea said...

OH!!! I want the recipes!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

The pictures looks great and yummy!!
passover seder

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