April 5, 2012

Mahjong & Luncheon

I come from a family of card players. Gamblers. My grandparents hosted regular poker games and bridge tournaments (with plenty of cocktails and Chex mix, of course). My mom and her three sisters followed suit and became pretty die-hard black jack players. So it's in my blood to love games. (I've had a few gin rummy benders in my day.) Yesterday a group of ladies gathered for their regular Mahjong game. Though I have yet to learn the rules and strategies of the tiles, based on Chinese symbols and characters, I aspire to. While they fueled their addiction I made a lunch inspired by Mahjong. The menu was simple and light with spicy flavors and subtle Chinese influences. A day amongst friends, with a game between them & delicious eats--seems pretty lucky to me.
The Menu


ginger iced tea

acai mango iced tea

mint green tea


chinese five spiced almonds

rice crackers

radish crudites

to share

chinese chicken salad with fresh mandarin oranges, scallions, snap peas, persian cucumbers, cilantro & toasted almonds in a lime-rice wine vinaigrette

spicy sesame noodles with red peppers, peas & scallions

steamed asparagus with peanut-hoison dipping sauce

mango, avocado & mint


coconut macadamia nut shortbread
(with a touch of red...for the year of the dragon)

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