September 15, 2011

Bridge Club

My friend Ahna O'Reilly is perfect as Miss Elizabeth Leefolt in the film The Help. When Ahna originally told me that she had been cast in the role, I almost died with excitement. So when it came time to celebrate the movie, I was thrilled to get to make a party in its honor. While the obvious choice would've been a Mississippi themed spread, the whole cast was too spoiled by the real stuff while filming to compete. Instead, I made a Californian buffet with lady-like touches, served in a charming garden. I had fun with new versions of finger foods--e.g. blt tea sandwiches and savory cornmeal shortcake sliders with white cheddar, creme fraiche and chives-- and dainty individual desserts. Amy also kept the decor sweet and elegant with lush garlands, white lights & lanterns, and plenty of gorgeous flowers (after all, there were Southern women in attendance!). I couldn't be more proud of Ahna and think the party managed to hold a candle to her performance.
The Menu


cucumber mint gimlets

blackberry thyme margaritas


savory cornmeal shortcake sliders with creme fraiche, sharp white cheddar & chives

blt tea sandwiches

chilled zucchini soup shots with cumin scented bay shrimp

pickled cherries, ricotta & basil crostini

dinner buffet

grilled lamb skewers on rosemary branches
with feta salsa verde

roast shrimp with roasted garlic lemon boy tomato sauce & purple basil

sprouted shelling beans with pecorino, shallots & thyme

big green salad with little gems & cucumbers will dill yogurt dressing

shaved summer squash with pine nuts & mint

tomato bread pudding


dark chocolate pot de cremes

lemon blueberry parfaits

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Erin said...

Delectable. Tell me more about sprouted shelling beans; that salad sounds so early October. Also love the dainty little pot de creme. Congrats on a great party.

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