September 8, 2011

Urban Picnic

Our friend Ashley loves a picnic and so do we. For her 30th birthday party we created a picnic themed party on the roof of her apartment building. With no sand or itchy grass to distract us, we totally focused on the food & packaging. Each guest got their own picnic box to fill with whichever mains (fried quail--big hit!) and sides they preferred. There were plenty of options; I went a little nuts! This was the most collaborative party that Amy and I have ever done. Some of the menu items were inspired by her packaging ideas--for instance, fresh corn soup with jalapeno cornbread--while some of the dishes had Amy scrambling to find just the right container: e.g. the heirloom tomato shortcake with creme fraiche & basil. The final result: a delicious and eye-catching spread. It's my very favorite party that Amy has done because she elevated everything to such an impressive level. (She's a real whiz with paper products.) Be sure to check out the menu below...I forgot to take photos of all the great things that were inside of the boxes!

The Menu


padron peppers. olive oil. sea salt.

blt crostini: cherry tomatoes. arugula. bacon. basil mayo. sourdough


bratwurst. portugese linguica. peppers & sweet onions.

buttermilk fried quail

fresh sweet corn soup. jalapeno cornbread.

heirloom tomato shortcake. white cheddar biscuit. creme fraiche. basil.

tongue of fire fresh shelling beans. rhubarb. thyme.

french potato salad. mustard salami. blue lake green beans.

curried chickpeas. cucumber. greek yogurt.

summer berries. arugula. marcona almonds. reggianito argentna.

fennel. buttermilk. coleslaw

farro. english peas. ricotta salata. hazelnut oil.

shaved zucchini. spicy pesto.


baskin and robbins ice cream cake


Alexandra Joy said...

Beautiful packaging and presentation. The menu looks delish! As always, thanks for sharing the love.



Marina said...

Insane. ridiculous. amazing.

Jane said...

LOVE THIS! found your blog through Design Sponge and loving every post! Must try this for our next outdoor party! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous set up. This makes me want to throw a party! Very urban and unique.

Sunnyvale Movers said...

Lovely bblog you have here

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