May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Southern BBQ

Everyone always asks me how I learned to cook. I tell them: my mom. She made me breakfast every day before school, packed my lunches, created family dinners that were enjoyed at the table together, threw dinner parties for business and pleasure, and had masses congregate in our home for every single holiday. She was Martha Stewart. With love. I learned the art of menu planning, preparation, timing and thoughtfulness through observation. I recently told a story about my mom and realized it's her spirit that has inspired my sense of playfulness in my menus and parties. One night when I was little I went to sleep with white walls in my bedroom and woke up the following morning with hot pink ones. My mom had moved me mid-slumber and painted my room through the night. That is love. That is fun. And that is how I aim to entertain. This year for Mother's Day I created a southern BBQ menu with plenty of my mom's recipes (buttermilk brownies), as well as her mom's recipes (sweet and sour baked beans). Amy, who learned all about arts, crafts and beauty from her mom Betsey, created an unbelievable table, featuring birch bark wrapped arrangements. She made the night magical with hanging lanterns, lights and flower filled vases. We are both so very grateful to our moms who exposed us to our passions and raised us in Oregon where things like seasonal eating and nature crafts were, well, second nature. Happy Mother's Day!
The Menu

mint juleps

lemonade bar


cream cheese, pimentos, green olive & basil on baby zucchini rounds
fried oysters with creme fraiche remoulade
curried deviled eggs
pickled shrimp with pickled green tomatoes
pulled pork sliders


baby back ribs with bourbon bbq sauce
smoked brisket
fried chicken
hot dogs
sweet and sour baked beans
stewed collard greens
fried green tomatoes
cucumber slaw
tomato, corn, basil salad
jalapeno, cheddar corn spoon bread


coconut cream pie
cherry-rhubarb crostata
krispy kreme bread budding
banana pudding cups with vanilla wafers
buttermilk brownies
old fashioned yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting
strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar


sarahyoga said...

What a beautiful homage to your moms. It looks spectacular. I can't wait
To try the buttermilk brownies! Why is this the
First I'm hearing about them? I love the very
Rare photos of u beautys as well. I'm totally
Stealing that painting the bedroom in the middle
Of the night idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Very fun to see you girls obviously elated at the end of another successful event!! VERY inspiring, delicious looking foods that I will be replicating as outdoor entertaining arrives with good weather!

supreme courtney said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. That deviled egg is mouth watering! Everything looks so decadent and delicious! I can't even discuss the desserts! The decor is crazy gorgeous and enchanting!


I love that second photo of you laughing:)

Miriam Yoo said...

i'm so sad i missed this - and ashley didn't save me a THING! gorgeous gorgeous! - mir

Liz said...

I was always very interested in how to cook different types of things, and even when she didn't know how herself, my Mom always managed to find the time to learn and to show me. I so relate to that sentiment.

Also, I love this blog, it keeps me inspired to keep cooking everyday, and trying new things frequently. said...

where do y'all list the recipes and how to make the decor?

Fer said...

Your blog is very chic! This party is unbelievable, I will make post in my blog about yours.
Adding you immediately to my reading list. Please come and visit mine. I am from Rio Brazil.


Shandi said...

wow! This party is amazing! Actually, I love all your parties I'm looking through! Thanks for sharing!

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