April 30, 2011

Waity Katie Waits No More: A Royal Tea Party

What could be a more appropriate way to view the Royal Wedding than with a tea party? We all approved of the dress, were charmed by the kiss, and swooned over William's compliments to Kate at the alter. And the hats, oh the hats!! The menu was very proper: classic tea sandwiches and, taking a little help from the store, biscuits, shortbread and angel food cake. Courtney made the day especially festive by making everyone paper crowns (I, of course, got to be 'Queen Mum'). Favors: British fixings for an afternoon spot of tea. The hope of princess life remains in all of our hearts as long as the 'fun' prince, Harry, is still on the market...a girl can dream.
The Menu

mint iced tea

lady grey tea

sparkling wine

salted nuts

tea sandwiches:
cucumber, arugula, cream cheese
egg salad with sun dried tomatoes
smoked salmon, capers, dill cream cheese

spring strawberries with creme fraiche and brown sugar

shortbread & biscuits

angel food cake



although I don't remember much tea being drank...


Erin said...

It is not possible to eat too much shortbread. I feel the same about strawberries with cream of any type and angel-food cake. Yum. And cheers to William and Kate.

Suzanne Webb said...

Loving the looks of your last several parties Annie, especially you 'Mad Man' themed one! Your food ALWAYS makes my mouth water!

Amanda said...

Oh! Such beautiful food!
The hat thing, is not limited to just Great Britain. They are all into their hats at weddings here in Vienna also!

Chelsea said...

Looks like fun!

Maggie Christie said...

I came across this via a Pinterest link (oddly enough for something entirely different). I'm British and I loved reading about your party, it looks so lovely. Just one paint about the hats though: I'd never use the 'B-word' on a hat - it's very rude! When juxtaposed with the word 'snog' it's actually really rather funny (but inappropriate for a child's hat).

Annie Campbell said...

Maggie, Thanks for the tip. Luckily, the hats were only worn for adults!! xxAC

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