December 28, 2010

Home For The Holidays

Whenever I'm at my mom's house I have a habit of digging through old photos; I can't resist. This habit always yields a scolding as I disturb my mom's neatly filed, organized boxes with messy piles. This year I didn't let my disruption go to waste. Under everyone's napkins on Christmas Eve, I hid holiday photos from years passed. Spouses got childhood photos of their significant others, some embarrassing, some sweet. We passed the photos throughout the meal and everyone laughed enough for my mom to forgive me and my disorderly ways.


Blue Egg Kitchen said...

What a thoughtful detail! I'm imagining this would translate well into other events, like a baby shower. Lovely decor, too.

Anonymous said...

Just in case the previously mentioned well said, how can a new P.

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