December 11, 2010

Gift Guide: 2

I didn't realize what a Yule log technically was and now that I do, I think they make a very thoughtful Christmas gift. A Yule log serves as Christmas decor, usually placed on the mantle, and is burned on New Year's Eve for a year of good luck. I decorated mine with greens, nuts, pine cones and cinnamon sticks: glue gun heaven. For friends without fireplaces, I made wreaths. Since my crazy mom owns a wreath making table, I made my wreaths with Oregon greens. But, if you don't have such a mother with a forest full of cedar, juniper, pine, fir and holly, buy simple wreaths and personalize them with your favorite embellishments--clementines, meyer lemons, persimmons, flowers, ribbons, moss, twigs, spray paint--by wiring in or glue gunning. Mine makes me happy every time I open my front door.

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