September 26, 2010

Peanuts and Cracker Jack's

Greg is a die-hard Red Sox fan. Wakes up, checks scores, die-hard. Despite growing up in New York, he rooted against the Yankees throughout our viewing party (ironically, a father/son trip to Fenway as a young lad, created a Sox fan; probably not his Bronx-born father's intentions). Having people over for the game blends our passions: he gets to watch his team and I get to plan a themed menu. Of course we started with beer and peanuts-in-the-shell. Plenty of shell baskets are a must (as is a broom). Now, serving hot dogs would have been the obvious (and delicious) choice, but I decided to mix it up with beer-braised brisket, served in hot dog baskets. Tender and tasty. The best part? Dessert was a play on Cracker Jack's: salted caramel ice cream topped with kettle corn. Sweet, salty, crunch. Better luck next time Boston!!!
The Menu

beer, plenty of it


stout-braised grass-fed brisket
with horseradish creme
roasted carrots
dandelion greens

salted caramel ice cream with kettle corn



I love a theme menu. One of your best was the "white trash" theme for the Britney and Kevin F reality show. Buckets of fried chicken anyone???

Unknown said...

I'll take the ice cream and kettle corn!

sportstotozonecom said...

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