September 2, 2010


Nobu. Black. Cod. Miso. Worthy of all of the hype, and more. When my dad would visit me in NYC during college, this was our place. Without my mom's watchful eye, and more reasonable approach to eating, my dad and I were free to exercise all of our gluttonous tendencies. Sashimi salad. Hamachi sashimi with jalapeno. Waiter: Did you like? Me: Loved. My dad: We'll take another. Me: Make it two! Rock shrimp tempura. Sushi. Sushi. That insane bento box with warm chocolate cake and green tea ice cream. And in the middle, the main event: black cod miso. Replicated at home, this is one of Greg's favorite things I make, but I deserve no credit; it is Nobu's foolproof recipe. I nostalgically prepared this recipe with wild alaskan halibut for my parents' recent dinner party. No surprise, huge hit. Sweet, salty, umami. People freak out for it, and it literally couldn't be simpler. (So enticing it was hard to pause for a good photo, oops). Soba noodles with red peppers, edamame, maitake and shitake mushrooms in a ginger miso broth were delicious, colorful compliments. Even if cooking fish makes you nervous, this will wow. Guaranteed successful entertaining, or your money back!
The Menu

herbaceous salad rolls with vietnamese dipping sauce and peanut dipping sauce

sweet and sour cucumber and walla walla onion salad with oregon bay shrimp

wild alaskan halibut miso
edamame, red peppers, shitake and maitake mushrooms
ginger miso broth

gingered peach, pluout and raspberry crisp
coconut ice cream

kirin beer and sake



U R 2 cute! ps. swiss chard cakes came out great although I had a much of the leek do you use??

Annie Campbell said...

Ah, only the white and light green parts. And it is important to wash leeks thoroughly as dirt collects and makes any food taste gritty. I trim off the dark greens and then slice the part (white and light green) that I want to use, down the center and soak. The leek will separate, revealing its layers, and the dirt will rinse off. Rinse, dry and ready to use!

sarahyoga said...

Oh my goodness, I'm drooling!

sarahyoga said...

I just looked up the cod recipe, but I'm confused. they mention sake for the recipe, but its not listed in the ingredient much should u use?

Annie Campbell said...

Sarah, I use equal parts mirin and sake. I also only about 1/2 as much sugar (just to feel clever). It makes a ton of marinade so def only make a 1/2 batch if you are cooking for just the three of you. On second thought, perhaps Paul will want a full batch! Miso is in the refrigerated section of grocery store, near tofu, and keeps forever so you can make miso soup next!

amy blessing said...

annie! come home!! i'm hungry!

Erin (Blue Egg Kitchen) said...

You've inspired me to make the black-cod miso, even though I don't typically make a lot of Asian. What a colorful menu! Speaking of coconut ice cream, check out the recipe on Roost Blog. I really want to try it.

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