July 19, 2010

Lobster II

OK so here's the deal...if something is really fantastic, there's no reason you can't do it two weekends in a row with a different set of guests! I felt like we really got the lobster dinner under control last week so we knocked it out again to another round of rave reviews. We even repeated our trivia questions, though Amy sewed fresh bibs! I kept things interesting for myself by switching up the salad and dessert. Greg had an awesome idea to make mini avocado and toasts ala Cafe Gitane to accompany my salad of mixed greens, cucumber and pluouts. And the best dessert of the summer, by far, was blueberry pie ala mode. A million blueberries later, it was the perfect finale for lobster dinner. How nice to reuse last week's grocery list!
Who ate lobsters during colonial times? Servants and children, as they were considered a poor man's food
The Menu


blt stuffed cherry tomatoes

crostini with fig jam, goat's cheese and mint

grilled oysters with cucumber mignonette


mixed greens with cucumber, pluots with avocado toast points


maine lobster
mussels and littleneck clams
corn on the cob, pee wee heirloom potatos, blue lake green beans
drawn herbed butter


blueberry pie
sweet rose creamery's vanilla ice cream

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