July 15, 2010

Al Fresco

This meal was all about presentation. Amy and I collaborated to make a meal that was as appealing to the eye as to the mouth. The starting point was the rustic cedar planks I had cut down at the lumber yard (thanks to Greg for all of the sanding). After we planked and grilled the wild steelhead trout, Amy garnished the planks with bouquets of rosemary and thyme and cheesecloth wrapped lemons. Other visual touches: the rainbow of colors in the heirloom tomato crostinis and the long stemmed strawberries alongside the chocolate pots de creme in spice jars. Luckily, the guests enjoyed the flavors as well, especially the white nectarines, mint and lavender goat's cheese wrapped in bresaola, brushed with a balsamic syrup. These little bundles really are a must try!

The Menu


white nectarines, lavender goat's cheese and mint wrapped in bresaola with baslamic syrup

mixed heirloom tomatos, pesto ricotta, burrata and purple basil crostini


grilled baby hearts of romaine with white anchovies, parmesan and caesar dressing


mussels with fennel and tomato in white wine broth
grilled rustic italian bread


cedar planked wild steelhead trout
rancho gordo's heirloom runner cannellini beans, arugula and
sauteed porcini mushrooms with thyme
rosemary caper vinaigrette


chocolate pots de creme
long stemmed strawberries and a glob of whipped cream


Suzanne B. Webb said...

This might be my favorite post of yours, the pics are gorgeous, and the food makes my mouth water! LOve the crafty touch of the leaf placecards w/white writing on the leaves :)
Aunt Suzie

Unknown said...

Loved the plank presentation, the lemon and thype tied with the cheesecloth is gorgeous....the leaves and figs as placecards...and what are the plates you served the desssert on.....made dessert look beautiful! Min

Deb said...

You have, I think, out done even you; and your team gets better and better...I have decided that I can only read your blog after having eaten...

Deirdre Zahl said...

I am so hungry right now, I really should not visit your blog on an empty stomach!

Anonymous said...

You are out of control and I think you've found your true calling! I can't wait to learn from you throughout the years...only if we were neighbors! I want to come and assist you sometime soon! Love you! Jen Brodie

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