June 2, 2010

It doesn't always go as planned...

I wish Martha Stewart admitted a few of her flaws. Let's admit it, her perfect cakes and crafts, while inspiring, can be annoying. In the spirit of honesty, I'll share a recent personal failing. After hauling twenty pounds of mixed citrus home from Santa Monica, I painstakingly peeled and segmented said citrus in the hopes of making marmalade. My intended twist: honey instead of sugar. I ended up with a bitter disaster. Greg couldn't even pretend it was edible. The honey wasn't the problem. Despite all of my effort to perfectly peel the oranges and lemons, I obviously got some pith in there. Guess you can't always make lemons into lemonade, or marmalade for that matter.

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Lol. I love marmalade. Please perfect you recipe by the time I get to LA:)

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