October 17, 2010

brezn, bretzel, pretzel

Amy and I celebrated Oktoberfest late this year with a little shin dig at her store Apartment Number 9 . Shoppers enjoyed a variety of beers and hard cider while trying on cozy cardigans. Though mini caramel apples and caramel corn may not have been the smartest of snacks (um, little kids, sticky fingers, luxurious fabrics...), they certainly are festive. And if you've never made homemade soft pretzels, do it! Martha Stewarts were very simple and kind of out-of-control good. Greg and I just had pretzel sandwiches with sweet hot mustard, Tillamook sharp cheddar and crisp asian pears. Not sure it gets much better on a rainy Sunday (in Los Angeles!!!).


Unknown said...

I wanted some caramel corn last night for TV watching!

Erin (Blue Egg Kitchen) said...

Please will you bring me one of those pretzel sandwiches and some cider on this rainy, cold day? I will provide the cardigan and fire.

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