October 11, 2014

Balloons, Pizza & Ice Cream. Happy Birthday Ahna!

All work and no play has me wound a little too tight these days.  Hosting my dear friend Ahna O'Reilly's birthday party was a great chance to let my hair down, have a few (too many) drinks and hang with close friends.  I wanted the night to feel festive so balloons and confetti fit the bill.  When Greg asked me the plan, I informed him we were doing "balloons, pizza and ice cream."  He thought it sounded like a little kids birthday and thought a face painter sounded in theme.  While I didn't go that far, a youthful spirit was the goal.  In an effort to keep things simple, we had a brick oven pizza truck at the house so guests could select their toppings and have personal pies - super fun and who doesn't love pizza?  I made a couple of easy salads and let guests help themselves to drinks.  For dessert, Sweet Rose Creamery set up an ice cream sundae bar with amazing flavors: mint chip, carrot cake, cookies and cream & creme fraiche with elderberry, all delicious.  I paid for my evening of fun the next morning, but we all need those moments to let loose!!

The Menu


fall gimlet
vodka, concorde grapes, rosemary, lime


charcuterie & crudites

To Share

brick oven pizzas

italian chopped salad
chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives & basil vinaigrette 

tricolore salad


confetti birthday cake