September 16, 2010

Last Call

Before we move into the world of root vegetables, soups and braises, I am capturing the final days of summer. By oven drying and freezing the last of my tomatoes, I'll be able to brighten the darker days of fall. They will make great hostess gifts and enhance an array of easy appetizers: tarts, crostinis and spreads. (Of course this is all fantasy speak. Living in LA, I can only dream about cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters and the changing of the leaves. But I can, and will, create a sense of seasons via my meals and parties. Apple themes to come...)To oven dry: Slice tomatoes and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper (plus any herbs you would like). Place on a foil lined cookie sheet. Slow roast in a 200 degree oven for 5 hours, until tomatoes are shriveled but not browning. Place cookie sheet in freezer to freeze tomatoes. Once they are individually frozen, stack in a storage container and freeze for later use.



Very Savvy.

Anonymous said...

Since they landed in my freezer....they are at my disposal for usage this fall or winter....lucky me!

Suzanne B. Webb said...

Those look beautiful and yummy Annie... although, I'm not ready for Fall, soup and sweaters yet :)
Love you, Aunt Suz

Erin (Blue Egg Kitchen) said...

I'd forgotten about oven-dried tomatoes and will definitely put some of the case of tomatoes sitting in my kitchen to this use. How do you use them in tarts? Always love your colorful writing. And, yes, fall, come soon. I'm ready for the crispy leaves.

The Red Humor said...

Hi Annie!
I found your website through Erin's. Love love the beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Annie, what a great post. I have vines dripping with green tomatoes. Started them from seed and we are taking extra care to cover them expecting the "big freeze" in Central Oregon at any time. What a great idea for the oven drying and freezing. I was getting in the canning mode but will try this. You also have an exceptional talent for descriptive writing. Look forward to vititing again. Susan Stovall, Madras, Oregon

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