February 12, 2013

Breakfast in Bed. For Dinner.

This year I partnered up with The Chalkboard to create a new way to celebrate Valentine's Day: breakfast in bed, for dinner.  While Valentine's Day is all about the sexy lingerie, it's also a fun excuse to wear pj's to dinner and stay cozy under the sheets.  Greg is normally the breakfast maker in our house, so I needed a new menu item to impress him.  Crepes were a fun solution and really couldn't be simpler (I learned how to make them in my seventh grade home-ec class!).  In order to avoid any up and down between the bedroom and kitchen, I served an assortment of chocolates for dessert.  After all, when else are you going to treat yourself to such a pretty treat?  Amy made me a very sweet menu that also served as my valentine to Greg (check our her pretty valentines at The Chalkboard).  You can also get my how-to's and recipes for ham & gruyere crepes and the frisee, bacon & egg salad at The Chalkboard.  Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day filled with love, hearts and romance!

 The Menu


champagne cocktails


ham & gruyere crepes

frisee salad with bacon lardons & egg


assorted ococoa chocolates

photos by Yayo Ahumada 

champagne cocktail recipe

place a sugar cube in champagne flute.  
splash the cube with a few dashes of bitters.  let soak a moment.
add a lemon twist.
top with bubbly.


Suzanne B. Webb said...

Seriously cute photos of you two! Love the concept :)

Christen said...

You are so gorgeous! :) Love the idea of a fancy breakfast in bed

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