January 4, 2013

Ramen Party for New Year's Eve

Throughout 2012 I did many menu proposals for various parties.  No matter the occasion, I almost always suggested a 'build your own ramen bowl' party (even for baby showers--I was getting desperate!).  Because I've been obsessed with eating ramen all year, it's my perfect idea of a 'taco party' equivalent.  However, despite all of my attempts, I had no takers.  Finally, my friend Leanne let me do ramen for her New Year's Eve party!!  We agreed that after all of the ham & turkey throughout December, people were ready for something different.  Greg and I filled each bowl with freshly boiled noodles and then guests went through an assembly line of toppings--e.g. pork shoulder, poached egg, frozen corn, kale & nori--selecting their favorites.  Then we topped the bowls off with either the pork broth from  David Chang's Momofuko Cookbook (a really amazing read) or a spicy miso broth.  If you're in LA, a trip to Mitsuwa Marketplace is a great source for fresh ramen, Japanese snacks and candies (when there have a bowl of ramen from Santouka for inspiration.  If you're a real enthusiast, make it a crawl and also go to Tsujita on Sawtelle, my current favorite).  The ramen was a huge hit.  This is a fun meal for a casual get together or game night because everything can be made in advance and people can assemble their bowls as they please--just leave the broth simmering on the stove.  And any dessert from Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook is a perfect & fun sweet finale.  Thanks Leanne for letting me end 2012 on a high!!
The Menu


ginger margaritas


lotus root, spicy daikon & ginger skewers

kimchee & brussel sprout skewers

salmon tartare & seaweed on rice cracker

teriyaki chicken skewers with chili sauce

savory, build your own ramen bar

fresh ramen noodles
pork broth & miso broth
pork shoulder
pork belly
poached eggs
fish cakes
nori seaweed
thai basil


cornflake crunch cookies, double chocolate cookies, 
fruity pebble marshmallow cookies & confetti cookies

all cookie recipes from Momofuko's Milk Bar Cookbook (a must have!!)


barbarafrancis said...

Courtney did your ramen and can't stop talking about it. I can't wait to try it too. And, gorgeous presentation

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