June 7, 2012

Preppy Party

While in college, my friend Deirdre befriended an older gentleman who invited us out to his home in the Hamptons.  This all felt very glamorous, very grown-up and very fun.  After an 'interesting' weekend, the group of house guests went out for a farewell brunch before catching the jitney back into the city.  It was then that I discovered a lobster roll.  Heaven (especially when paired with a much needed bloody mary).  The lobster roll represents all of the East Coast vacations I'm longing to take: Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod and Maine.  But I have made it the Hamptons and was not disappointed with the food.  For this preppy themed birthday party, I recalled the flavors of that trip and all things seaside & nautical.  When in doubt, put out goldfish crackers and salt & vinegar potato chips with cocktails.  People love them--how could they not?  Fish chowder at home?  A really easy, decadent treat. And for a homemade lobster roll, my trick is lots of fresh tarragon and real mayonnaise (a homemade brioche bun doesn't hurt).  Amy set the table and really knocked it out of the park with these handmade preppy ribbon belt napkin holders.  I died for them.  Sticking with stark white and navy made a pleasing impact; all white tulips, crammed together in Amy's signature style, looked gorgeous down the long table.  This menu is one that I'm sure to repeat this summer and I swiped Amy's napkin holders and look forward to using them again and again...

The Menu


pimm's cup
pimm's number one, strawberry, cucumber, lemon, lime, mint & rosemary

the preppy
gin & tonic


goldfish crackers

salt & vinegar potato chips

snap pea crudite with herbed sour cream dip

tuna tartare on cucumber rounds

to start

fish chowder


tarragon lobster rolls on brioche buns

five cheese mac & cheese

mixed greens with cucumber & cherry tomato with balsamic vinaigrette


old fashioned chocolate cake


Anonymous said...

how long are the napkin buckle holders? clever idea!! I think I will use iron on tape or fabric glue instead of sewing them.......

Annie Campbell said...

Hi! Amy says she cut the ribbons about 8 inches. Good luck!

Christen said...

You are seriously AMAZING!! Love your blog!

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