May 2, 2012

Cheese & Sparkling

Yes red wine is a delicious pairing for cheese.  But, I'm not crazy about drinking red wine during the day.  So for an afternoon party, say from 4-6, cheese and sparkling is a great option.  We did a bellini bar with prosecco and fresh fruit purees--raspberry, blackberry, mango & peach--where guests could help themselves.  While I'll always opt for the straight stuff, colorful fruit in pretty bottles makes for a nice presentation and it feels very Spring/Summer.  For the cheeses, I'm a big fan of sampling before buying, so I love to go to Joan's on Third and taste a few before making my selections.  In general, I aim for at least one sheep, one goat and one cow and then pick two more favorites.  I like a mix of hard & soft, rich & tangy, plus one with a little funk.  It's nice to buy something unexpected like a goat cheddar.  For accoutrements, the more the merrier: fig jam, candied walnuts, quince paste, dried fruits, fresh fruits, local honey and an assortment of crackers & bread (grilled is a nice touch).  The chalkboard cheese signs can be found here, but just writing the names of the cheeses directly onto the parchment paper also works.  Of all of the parties I've ever done, this might be the most 'make ahead' of them all.  In fact, cheeses should be out for at least a few hours to be especially delicious.  Everything is out before guests arrive and you can really enjoy your own fete.  

The Menu


bellini bar
prosecco with raspberry, blackberry, mango & peach purees with fresh fruits for garnish


cheese board, walnuts, olives, dried stone fruit, honey, fig jam, quince paste, assorted crackers 


chocolate espresso cookies

strawberries with soured cream & brown sugar

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Karolina said...

Lovely! Your parties are always such a great inspiration for me, as you care about food & taste, not only looks. Thank you!

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