February 6, 2012

Spicy Black Bean Crab Dinner Party

Despite my great love for parties, I didn't have a wedding; Greg and I eloped. Some people found this shocking but I always knew it was a moment I wanted to celebrate with just Greg. However, that doesn't mean that I haven't imagined every detail (food-wise) of what I would serve if I had had all of my loved ones to Central Oregon for a wedding celebration. And for our rehearsal dinner, it would be this spicy black bean dungeness crab. It is my all-time favorite meal to share with others. It's messy. It's interactive. It's simple. And, it's delicious. I can't take much credit for the amazing flavors of this menu, it's my mom all the way. It was a Campbell family staple (often enjoyed on New Year's Eve). My memories of giggling as we ate, tickled with delight and shocked at how much we could consume, are why I would want to share this meal in a rowdy, festive atmosphere. Newspapers spread down a long table and plenty of bowls for shells, are the only decor elements necessary. The sweet & sour cucumber slaw is the perfect cooling compliment to the spicy kick of the crab sauce. And the satisfaction that comes with a meal you have to work a little for (all the crab cracking) is something I cherish. Plus, the very best thing about this meal might just be the copious amounts of garlic bread one gets to justify eating as a means for sopping up all of the garlicky, gingery black bean sauce that clings to the wok. After this rich feast, refreshing ice cream seemed like the right amount of sweet. I'm loving Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream at Home cookbook for unique flavor combinations and the best ice cream recipes I've ever made. Though I didn't have a wedding, I'm not opposed to a ten year anniversary party, so I have plenty of time to plan the details of my rib-fest and a catch and grill your own trout departure brunch! Until then, please enjoy the crab and slaw recipes...
The Menu


ginger & lemongrass infused vodka sours


wasabi peas

sesame crackers & peanuts

herb salad rolls with vietnamese & peanut hoisin dipping sauces

family style, sit down

spicy, black bean dungeness crab in woks

sweet & sour cucumber slaw with bay shrimp

garlic bread, lots and lots of garlic bread


momofuku's cornflake-marshmellow-chocolate chip cookies

ice cream trio
peanut butter & banana. toasted rice & coconut. key lime frozen yogurt

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Diane Burnett said...

My favorite, too! I used to have 2 girlfriends (Vicki & Deanna) who regularly came over for this, and we were always amazed at how much bread 3 women could eat!

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