October 24, 2011

Day of the Dead on DailyCandy

We are very excited to be featured on DailyCandy today with our Day of the Dead dinner party!! Dia de los Muertos, a beautiful Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, is a great reason to throw a party. Check out the flip book we created on DailyCandy to read all of our party tips and how-to's for food, decor and theme. And click on the links below for all of the recipes. A big thanks to Evelyn @ DailyCandy!!
The Menu




family style




Sarah said...

This is so beautiful- love the settings and cool skeletons and sugar skull vibe. What a fun idea for a party! The menu looks so good too - especially the churros. Cool blog.


Awesome! Everything looks delicious. I love how classy carnations can look when you go monochrome with them. You need to teach me how to make the flower garland.


sarahyoga said...

absolutely sensational. great touch with the take home tequila skulls.

Anonymous said...

OMG....I have never loved Halloween, and certainly not Day of the Dead!! However, I now am sold on doing a party! This is over the top and so very clever! I don't live in LA, so hope I can find everything! I adored the orange marigolds and deep crimson carnations....

barbarafrancis said...

Your Day of the Dead in Cabo was over the top amazing and ever so special

Akash Bhatt said...

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