August 1, 2011

Gingham in Venice

Is it really the end of August? Where did the summer go? For me, it was spent making parties. So many that I forgot to blog about them! Now it's catch up time and this gingham-heavy birthday party was one of my favorites. Our creative friend Shepherd wanted to throw his wife a surprise party with the following inspirations: gingham, picnic, Alabama, and catching fireflies in jars. We went nuts. Amy, who is historically afraid to dabble in color, reluctantly embraced all things red & white--with amazing results. She planted daisies in galvanized bins and mason jars, tied mini tabasco bottles to place cards and made use of a picture of the birthday girl in a grade school photo wearing gingham (how lucky is that?). This table really does scream fun and instantly put guests in a cheerful mood. We started with cocktails and appetizers inside where Amy and I may have eaten more corn nuts than the rest of the guests combined. My friend Deirdre, who lives in the South, swears by pimiento cheese, so it made its way onto cucumber rounds with a green olive garnish. Outside, the menu was classic bbq comfort foods. Many people have asked me for recipes (which I rarely use and need to learn how to write) so I've linked to two of my favorites below: the espresso baby back ribs and Martha Stewart's mac and cheese. Both are heavenly. This post reminds me where the summer went: eating good food, in pretty places with good people.
The Menu


jalapeno lime margaritas

watermelon mint margaritas

cherry kool-aid, tequila optional


corn nuts sampler

ruffles with creme fraiche & chives

pimiento cheese spread on cucumber rounds

paprika dusted deviled eggs

to start

heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, mint, basil, mozzarella & burrata salad


grilled shrimp skewers

tangy bacon wrapped green beans

buttermilk coleslaw

jalapeno cornbread


individual roasted s'mores

for home

red & white candy treat cups


Erin said...

Well-tailored menu, happy aesthetic. Fun! Hope to hear about more party-making from you this fall.

sarahyoga said...



It is fun that this party has a touch of Kitsch. And such yummy food!

Anonymous said...

Love the red and white...can't wait to get some food service baskets!!

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