March 23, 2011

No Storks. No Games. No Cutesie Baby Stuff.

Ever since Miranda forced Charlotte to serve fried chicken at her baby shower, I've been a big fan of serving the unexpected for a ladies' luncheon. So, while tea sandwiches do have their place, I opted for a fun, southern-inspired menu, featuring messy pulled pork sandwiches, for my oldest friend's baby shower. For present opening, we plated a quintet of Paula Deen-worthy dessert bites. And since, as Charlotte pointed out, "These people are buying you expensive gifts, they're going to want to see some baby stuff," we gave out seeds of baby's breath as party favors. SATC: a lifetime of party inspiration.
The Menu

spiced pecans

old bay shrimp salad on cucumber rounds

aunt di's spicy dill green beans

plated lunch

pulled pork sliders with pickled coleslaw and spicy bbq

three bean salad with shallot-caper vinaigrette

blt salad with basil buttermilk dressing

sweet potato fries

plated dessert bites

red velvet cupcakes, key lime tarts, buttermilk brownies, strawberry shortcake cookies and pecan bars

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