January 6, 2011

For Four

For dinner with our old friends James and Dominique, I made a simple mediterranean menu with some help from my favorite falafel place, picking up their incredibly smooth hummus and delightfully sticky baklava. Fresh herbs in terra cotta planters seemed to fit the theme. Now, I've said it once, and I'll say it again, games are so much fun!!! I was psyched when the evening turned competitive with board games. While British James got away with a lot of 'They have it in England' in Scattergories, I have to commend him for his 77 point Scrabble word: 'lintiest'. Kudos to you James.
The Menu

pink champagne

radishes, carrots, pita chips, hummus, spicy greek olives


red and golden beets, spinach, french feta, mint with a blood orange vinaigrette

grilled lamb meatballs with garlic tzatziki

parsely and lemon quinoa tabouili

grilled zucchini



Alexandra Joy said...

Simple elegance. I love it! The Greek in me in now craving baklava... ;)

Erin (Blue Egg Kitchen) said...

Classy and bright flavors. Did you make the baklava? Tell me how!

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