November 22, 2010

Around the World for Love

A thoughtful friend. A bride-to-be. A theme. Holly is getting married and Holly loves to travel. So for her bridal shower, we did an around the world theme, featuring her ten favorite places on earth. A course for each place involved fun research; who knew that more green jello is sold in Utah than all other states combined? Luckily Scottie brought me back spices from her latest trip to Cambodia and I happened to take a cooking class in Hanoi! With a Thai honeymoon on her horizon, we wish Holly and her new groom, lots of happy adventures.
The Menu

Hanoi, Vietnam
beef spring rolls in lettuce wraps with vietnamese dipping sauce

Paris, France
brie and apple crostini on baguettes

Sydney, Australia
'shrimp on the barbie'
roasted shrimp with bbq cocktail sauce

Reykjavik, Iceland
gravlax, creme fraiche and dill on pumpernickel

Siem Reap, Cambodia
chicken satay with gingered peanut dip

Moab, Utah
green jello salad with kiwi

London, England
curried minted english pea soup shots

Interlake, Switzerland
cucumber and dill salad

Loreta, Mexico
mexican hot chocolate cookies


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