October 4, 2010

High Tea

During college I spent a rainy month in London. Without a real purpose for being there, I aimlessly strolled through museums, read The Bell Jar in Hyde Park, saw American Psycho in a fancy movie theatre and as many West End shows as I could. But despite the great surroundings, I was lonely, lost. I found great comfort in the ritual of the afternoon tea. Who couldn't be charmed by dainty finger sandwiches, crumbly scones with globs of clotted cream and fresh raspberry jam, flecked with seeds? It was heaven. Those delightful afternoons were my inspiration for this weekend's baby shower. All of the nibbles and treats were artfully displayed on tiers of crystal and floral cake stands. Amy embraced shades of pink and lady-like floral and ribbon touches to celebrate the near arrival of Frannie's little girl. Guests brought baby photos of themselves, which Amy displayed above the assorted teacups and everyone filled their ballots with their matching guesses. All in all, a proper and lovely afternoon tea.
The Menu

pink champagne
iced moroccan mint tea
iced pink rose tea
english breakfast, earl grey, green, and peppermint teas

pickled quail eggs
steamed asparagus with green peppercorn champagne dip
minted english pea soup shots

tea sandwiches
cucumber and watercress on white bread
curried egg salad with roasted tomatoes on wheat
gravlax, cream cheese, capers and dill on pumpernickel
smoked turkey and cranberry on orange currant muffins

rose water scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream

carrot cake cupcakes
raspberry french macaroons
pink coconut macaroons
raspberry filled chocolate cups
fig and pomegranate tarts
chocolate espresso cookies
almond sugar cookies
lavender lemon squares
white chocolate petit fours


Blue Egg Kitchen said...

You've totally outdone yourself. Love how you carried the pink through in unusual, lovely ways; the picked quail eggs are brilliant. All classic tea fare--but with an Annie twist. Please send a scone with the jam and clotted cream. And love your story too; it conjures up so many vivid images. Well done!

Deirdre Zahl said...

Um, this is amazing! I wish I could fly you out to come design one of my jewelry parties & match drinks and food!

Clotheshorse NYC said...

This post is spectacular. I love the dress you are wearing. It seems on theme.

It does however, make me feel a little uh-underwhelmed, by the shower I am planning for Taided.

Fooshion said...

Great job Annie! I love your menus and your blog.

Suzanne B. Webb said...

YOu look so cute Annie!!!....LOVE the roses hanging from the doorknob, very nice touch....
the food looks amazing, my mouth is watering...your work is so inspiring!

sarahyoga said...

extraordinary! and yes, this is why I was so unimpressed by the shower I threw for Nina. You are nonpareil.

Alexandra Joy said...

A beautiful and creative shower! We used mixed vintage China at our wedding, so I am always inspired to see what others do with a like concept. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Schafer said...

Mine was the cheaper canvas at $9.99 and has worked perfectly for several projects.healthy tea perth

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