May 11, 2010

My mother's menu consisted of two choices: Take it or leave it. ~ Buddy Hackett

A southern themed picnic menu complimented a beautiful table in a magical garden for Mother's Day. The afternoon was created for a loving group of guests with generations of mothers gathered at one long table. Amy's thoughtful and, as always, incredible decor took people's breaths away. Each place setting featured a different quote on mothers--some sentimental and others dry with wit--ironed onto white linen napkins. Watching the guests wander around the table enjoying each quote made all of the hard work rewarding. Each of these little touches added up to a truly special celebration of mothers. And the entire party is a tribute to Amy and my moms who happen to be close friends! Betsey instilled Amy with her love of crafts and my 'Min' inspired me to cook and taught me the importance of entertaining for the guest. So thank you moms for helping us find our paths to doing something that we really love!

the menu

passed h'ors deuvres

bbq peanuts
bloody mary soup shots with cumin seed bay shrimp skewers
curried deviled eggs with diced ginger pickles
grit cakes with roasted zucchini, peppers, pimentos and thyme
crab cakes with meyer lemon dressing
mini pulled pork sliders on brioche with pickled fennel
alligator corn dog bites


baby back ribs with espresso bbq sauce
mixed sausages with sauerkraut and mustards
bbq shrimp
five cheese mac and cheese
stewed collard greens
sweet and sour baked beans
tomato, corn, basil salad
coleslaw with cilantro buttermilk dressing
spicy greens with honeyed pecans
corn spoon bread
sweet cherries and strawberries

dessert bar

mint chip ice cream sandwiches
'peanut butter and jelly' strawberry buttermilk ice cream sandwiches
root beer floats with brown sugar vanilla bean ice cream and abita root beer
strawberry short cakes
krispy kreme bread pudding
coconut layer cake
old fashioned chocolate birthday cake


Deirdre Zahl said...

I have lived in the South for three years now- Charleston to be exact - not to be confused with, um, less urban parts of the South - and have been to many an event, from the very upscale to the down home...and this mother's day event blows Southern entertaining out of the water! Amazing!!! It should be published. Beautiful photos as well.


Lovely. Where was this event? You guys look so cute in the last picture. And who is the hot guy with all the sausage???

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. I am thinking of words but they are not appropriate for your beautiful blog. This is INCREDIBLE. This is magical. You are crazy talented!

Fer said...

I am in love with your food and the presentation! Can you please tell me how you hang those lights. Are they xmas lights?

Thank you.


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