February 17, 2010

Thai New Year

Tonight I hosted part of the Blessing Family Clan to a Thai New Year's dinner. The original inspiration for the meal was a craving for Pok Pok, an oh-so-tasty Thai restaurant in my hometown of Portland, OR. While I didn't aim to replicate Pok Pok's famed chicken wings, the food was pretty damn good (if I do say so myself). But the highlight of the evening was Dr. Blessing's wise life advice. His prescriptions for healthy living: protect the heart with healthy boundaries. My words, not his, but I'm sticking to them. With hoisin. Everything better with hoisin.

The Menu

Blood Orange Margaritas
Salad Rolls with Vietnamese Dipping Sauce
Pork Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Baby Back Ribs with Honey Glaze
Green Curried Shrimp with Red Peppers and Cucumber
Egg Fried Rice with Shitake Mushrooms
Braised Bok Choy and Red Cabbage
Green Papaya Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Green Beans

Treat bar with various Thai cookies, cakes and gummies
Make your own sundae:
Coconut, Tart and Acai Berry Frozen Yogurts
Toppings: sour worms, gummy bears, fruity pebbles, mochi, oreos, vanilla wafers, nerds, sprinkles, coconut, animal crackers and yogurt covered pretzels


amy blessing said...

i'm a lucky lady!

Deirdre Zahl said...

I keep re-reading this post because, really I am just waiting for the Oscars menu.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be at this party! It looks amazing!

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